TANZANIA : Mbeya MP Joseph Mbilinyi and Emmanuel Masonga, sent to Jail for Five Months

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The court has judged  the MP, Joseph Mbilinyi and the Secretary of State of Nyasa, Emmanuel Masonga (CHADEMA) to imprisonment for five months.

Mr Joseph Mbilinyi SUGU said "Mr. Magufuli can not be admired by the people by shooting Lissu, throwing him in jail for four months, blaming Ben saanane, robbing Rome and stopping SUGU for talking."

Lawyer Boniphace's  Mwabukusi said they are going to prepare a request for collateral and appeal, have been given time to prepare for the appeal and submit it today.

Sugu and Masonga were charged with the use of a derogatory language against President John Magufuli, which they had taken at a public assembly held on December 30, 2017, as a Primary School in Mwenge Primary School in Mbeya.

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