TANZANIA | The US has announced the killing of Chadema leader

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The US Embassy in Dar es Salaam has asked for a clear investigation of suspicions of kidnapping and then killed one of  the Democratic Party of Development  (Chadema) Daniel John last weekend.

The statement released by the embassy in the media yesterday stated that the United States is joining Tanzanians for the existence of a clear investigation to arrest all involved in law enforcement.

The statement stated that the United States has been severely disappointed and saddened by the incident and violence caused by John's murder and injury to Mallya.

Increasingly, violence and political confrontation threaten us, and we appeal to all parties to safeguard peace and tranquility for the benefit of democratic, country, and the people of Tanzania. "

On Tuesday Mbowe told reporters that John's former Secretary of Chadema of Hananasif , Kinondoni in Dar es Salaam, was kidnapped by anonymous people on Sunday.

Interior Minister, Mh.Mwigulu Lameck Nchemba has ordered  (IGP) Simon Sirro to form a team of investigating the brutal acts committed by politicians including the Kinondoni killings in Dar es Salaam.

Minister Nchemba has issued these orders in the Kagera district of Muleba District in Kasindaga  during the launch of National Identity Registration in the region.

Minister . He called on the Police Force to investigate the incident and to find out what he was saying and to tell the people what was going on against the killings and the other that had been reported.

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