TANZANIA : National debt is now Sh47.7 trillion

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The minister speaks to a national debt and says it is still calm

Minister of Finance and Planning Dr. Philip Mpango said until December 2017 the national debt had reached Tsh 47.756 trion

The external debt is Sh34.148 trillion equal to 71.5 percent, the internal debt amounted to Sh13.607 trillion equivalent to 28.5 percent.

until December 2017, Government debt amounted to US $ 21,308.7 million with shillings 47,756.3 billion compared to US dollars 19,957 million June, 2016. Between that amount, external debt is a dollar15,237.0 million, equivalent to shillings 34,148.6 billion, if applicable 71.5 percent of all debt. The internal debt was shilling billion 13,607.7 equivalent to 28.5 percent of all debt. Increasing debt for the period from June 2016 to December, 2017 was derived from new plans and change currency exchange rate (exchange rate fluctuations)

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